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As a child, I was fascinated by honeybees – seeing how many I could get off the clover and onto my hand without getting stung was a popular pastime. I loved their furry behinds and flight patterns. So as an adult, becoming a beekeeper seemed like a logical next step – or maybe not- I’m sure I took a few more steps in between. But now, here I am. Honey and Paws started in spring of 2015 with two hives, a lot of nervousness and excitement and, well, a few stings. As a newbie in this field, the journey has been better than I could have anticipated. There is so much to learn and share.

Simply put – I love beekeeping and putting TLC into something so amazing.  

When I'm not with my bees, I work at a non-profit organization, spend time snuggling my pups, and riding bikes. I have an amazingly supportive network of family and friends who make all of this possible.

The Honey
I prefer to keep my honey as raw as possible so that it maintains all its vital goodness and aroma. I don’t pasteurize or filter it, although some light straining occurs to remove unwanted particles. My honey is never heated above hive temperature (95 degrees) because anything hotter destroys the enzymes and degrades the floral aroma. When managing my hives, I try to use products and approaches that are natural and sustainable – losing bees should be a concern to all of us.


For my infused honey, I aim to use only herbs and peppers that parents or I have grown. When that isn't an option, I always purchase organic goods to give folks the best product I can.

Want a Hive?

There are several things to consider when placing a hive, such as sunlight, pets, and neighbors.  However, hosting a hive is worth it. If you think you would be interested in providing a spot in your backyard, I would love to chat more with you. Find me in the field <<click here.

Questions? Reach out to me. I would love to hear from you.

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